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About Us

  • 弊店のロゴマークのご紹介





    Tanba BBQ’s logo was inspired by the distinctive square cooking hearth used during ancient era in Japan. The color black represents charcoal, while red represents fire. Together, the combination of black and red is reminiscent of brightness and light emerging from the dark charcoal. These elements are held together by the imagery of the square hearth, which brings to mind the ancient method of transporting charcoal using horses.

    The Tanba BBQ Experience
    Tanba BBQ uses traditional Japanese grilling method for selected fresh ingredients, in order to provide customers with an authentic and enjoyable Japanese BBQ experience. This is in addition to the comfortable interior of the restaurant, which is decorated and built with Japanese aesthetic considerations and cultural elements. To top the experience off, Tanba BBQ’s service staff also exemplify the spirit and attitude of warm Japanese hospitality. Together, Tanba BBQ provides a holistic sensory experience that stimulates all the five senses, making Tanba BBQ an ideal choice for intimate gatherings between friends and family.
    Amongst the 200 different grades of Wagyu beef(Japanese beef )available today, Tanba BBQ uses only the top-grade A5 wagyu beef. Maintaining the high quality and optimal freshness of such a distinct cut requires much skill and expertise, which Tanba BBQ spares no effort and care to ensure. Tanba BBQ also sources for ingredients from all across Japan, and match them with prized Japanese sake.